Shaky Needles Villa

A happy home to Asian idols!

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the second coming

"Shaky Needles provides me with an outlet for my off-color sense of humor and creativity that is often looked upon as disturbing or offensive by normal society." - Inez

Shaky Needles Villa—from the outside, a seemingly quaint little getaway for idols to spend their days peacefully. However, those who have lived there know the truth: It's one giant, whacked-out clusterfuck of crazy.

Shaky Needles housed many an idol over the course of two years, until it was closed for extensive renovations. Over a year later, it's finally back, bigger and better than ever.

Here at Shaky Needles, we have ten commandments. You follow them, everyone stays happy. You don't follow them, we smite you.

[01] Thou shalt roleplay only on livejournal.

[02] Thou shalt only apply for Asian idols.

[03] Thou shalt not confuse IC and OOC.

[04] Thou shalt respect fellow muns.

[05] Thou shalt not godmode.

[06] Thou shalt not metagame.

[07] Thou shalt not kill off muses.

[08] Thou shalt not type like a moron.

[09] Thou shalt be active.

[10] Thou shalt have fun.

So if you'd like to join, just follow these three easy steps!

[01] Check the claims list and submit your application and a small processing fee here.

[02] Once you're approved, create a muse journal, join shaky_needles and sn_ooc with it, and friend all of the other muses here.

[03] Have your muse pick up their apartment key here and then go on your merry way!

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or sexual propositions, send a PM to sn_landlord.